Standard Measures

Pop-Up installation of alternative units of measures, cast in jelly, over the official disused Imperial Standard Measures in Sheffield 2015

Standard Measures are set in law as benchmarks for distance, weights, and volumes. The measures were considered permanent and static, an unchanging reference for public use. Disputes and deviations were arbitrated in accordance with the Weights and Measures Acts. However the reference objects decay, get damaged.  Standards require maintenance, duplication  or revision.

Katya Robin designed a revised set of  Standard Measures based on  the 1NCH. This is an invented unit of measure based on an Imperial inch but made in metric.

Twelve 1NCHs stacked vertically, approx. 36mm. QED 4 feet – of sorts.
100 Feet in 1NCHs, acrylic 2012
Standard Measures installed at Living Numbers for Fringe Arts  Bath

Standard Measures has been exhibited variously at: 12x12x12, FAB,  Fabricate.