Artist Statement

For me, making work is a way of unpicking paradoxes. Coins of little value. Fuzzy measurements. Vacuous memorials.

I’m currently working on Grave Goods. Looking at memorial vases and flowers, and colours associated with death, specifically Caput Mortuum. Separate strands that combine, overlap, work together. Rigourous. Intense. Poignant.

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My 3D work was shortlisted for ArtLacuna Prize 2013. I was selected for PolyMath Continuing Professional Development (2015-6) based on my Hexopolis project. I was funded by Arts Council England for my COIN/COIN project (2016-18). My work is exhibited widely. One of my artist books was selected for KALIED2015. I have artist books in collections in the US, EU, and UK.

Painting B.A., St Martin’s (1982-6)
Fine Art M.A., Sheffield Hallam (2011-4).

Axisweb profile: Katya Robin