Artist Statement

Garden as studio

I work with a spirit of investigation whether doing watercolours, acrylics, making paint, garden installation and planting, site visits, textiles, print and design, or historical and practical research. Themes and motifs recur across my works and projects:

Colour Remade
Making ash grey paint in Symbolic Acts; making pigment for Deadhead Mix and and Deadhead Watrercolours; black plants for Urn.

Value systems, categories
Standard Measures works about units of measurement; COIN/ICON low value currency; Typecast, a visual reinterpretation of the library catalogue.

Overlooked in plain sight
Hexopolis about urban hexagons; Queens of Art, redrawing the female Nude; White swans in public.

Memorials and Hopes in the Urbs
Bucket Towers popup memorials; Urn grave goods; Charter Square Sheffield Rising Chartism and Brutalism; Concrete Hopes, reflecting on Utopian Brutalist developments, and concrete grave goods. I went to visit the quarry and concrete factory at Hope, Derbyshire.

Duckrabbits playing with the Jastrow, Gombrich, Wittgenstein Duckrabbit paradigm; Doppelgänger doubling, passing.

Ice Hex, frozen relief; Message in a Bottle, leaflet public as a contemporary message in a bottle; Buckets placed in public places, notably waterworks.

Katya Robin

Artist Bio

I have contributed, participated, and collaborated in various projects internationally: Shoddy Work and The Reality of Small Differences, both curated by Gill Crawshaw; The Floating Library; The Kippenberger Challenge; collective works edited by Sharon Kivland (The Lost Diagrams of Water Benjamin, Library Interventions, The Editions I & II); Engagement and Entrapment curated by Diana Ali; Art Language Location Cambridge; Fringe Art Bath; Klub Kube at LoBe Gallery, amongst others. I was shortlisted for ArtLacuna Prize 2013, selected for KALIED2015 and PolyMath CPD (2015-6). My COIN/COIN project (2016-18) is funded by  Arts Council England .

My artist books are  held in various collections. In the US :The Metropolitan Museum of Art Thomas J Watson Library, Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, Yale Centre for British Art,The Floating Library Minnesota, etc. In the UK & EU: The Tate Britain Library and Archive, The Tate Gallery Library and Archive, Centre de livres d’artistes, France, Chelsea School of Art Library, Oxford Brookes University Library, The Tetley Leeds, etc.

I  did my Painting degree at St Martin’s (1982-6), and went back to art school to do a M.A. in Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam (2011-4).

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