Artist Statement
Across my projects I work with varied media and methods: artist publications, editions, interventions, drawings. I am drawn to common social objects and motifs, so familiar, yet on inspection, so odd.
Now I am doing more painting and drawing. I am currently working on new series  and revising some  earlier themes with new methods and critical approaches. I now use  materials and techniques to hold and interact with the ideas, the feeling,  and instinct.
Katya Robin, Aug 2017

Artist Bio
I have contributed, participated, and collaborated in various projects internationally: Shoddy Work and The Reality of Small Differences, both curated by Gill Crawshaw; The Floating Library; The Kippenberger Challenge; collective works edited by Sharon Kivland (The Lost Diagrams of Water Benjamin, Library Interventions, The Editions I & II); Engagement and Entrapment curated by Diana Ali; Art Language Location Cambridge; Fringe Art Bath; Klub Kube at LoBe Gallery, amongst others. I was shortlisted for ArtLacuna Prize 2013, selected for KALIED2015 and PolyMath CPD (2015-6). My COIN/COIN project (2016-18) is funded by  Arts Council England .

My artist books are  held in various collections. In the US :The Metropolitan Museum of Art Thomas J Watson Library, Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, Yale Centre for British Art,The Floating Library Minnesota, etc. In the UK & EU: The Tate Britain Library and Archive, The Tate Gallery Library and Archive, Centre de livres d’artistes, France, Chelsea School of Art Library, Oxford Brookes University Library, The Tetley Leeds, etc.

I  did my Painting degree at St Martin’s (1982-6), and went back to art school to do a M.A. in Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam (2011-4).