A selection of Katya Robin’s artist’s book practice.

Self Actualisation

  • Self Actualisation is a collaborative  artists’ book  with Lou Hazelwood combining both artists diverse work about self-portraiture.

  • Thinking About Duckrabbits

    A photobook in the style of children’s first facts book.  An introduction to the Duckrabbit paradigm, an exemplar of bi-stable ambiguity. Selected for representation by  Kaleid 2015. Acquired by various collections internationally.

Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle is a publication for The Floating Library . It links the social health histories of Redmires Resevoir near Sheffield with Minnesota via a trifold leaflet, as a contemporary interpretation of a message in a bottle.

Symbolic Acts

Symbolic Acts is  a personal reflection of post-Holocaust art practices. It is a critique of unthinking book-alteration practices. As a  personal act of retribution Katya sought art contributions which she burnt and then used the ash to make paint.
This was shown in Engagement and Entrapment (curated by Diana Ali) in Tel Aviv, and is included in the collection of  The Floating Library, Minnesota.
The companion video records the  burning pages of artwork and a reading by the artist author.  Selected for Axisweb’s video essay playlist.

  • Typecast

    Selected library catalogue categories explored graphically. Categories drawn out schematically only using InDesign® text formatting & frame formatting options.

  • Bucket List

    Bucket List. Postcard 2014

    Postcard  listing various buckets,  produced for The Imaginary Museum.

  • Double Configuration

    spread from Double Configuration, artists’ book, 2016

    Artists’ book collaboration with Lou Hazelwood. Using the intersecting ellipse of a Venn diagram as a motif of collaboration, each spread of the book is an example of different kinds of overlap and doubling, from Katya’s word-images to Lou’s reconfigured magic lantern slides.

    Charter Square Sheffield Rising

Artist’s booklet with photos of now demolished Brutalist subway development  with text and graphics about the local history of the pro-democracy Chartist movement.
15cm x 15cm
20 pages