Fulton Yard

Fulton Yard, it is a walled garden run by artist Katya Robin and used as an Art Place.

The old derelict 1840s premises has been converted into three distinct roofless stone-built outdoor rooms, fronted by the original large cobbled yard. There is a range of beautiful planting in raised beds, rockeries,  green roof, containers.

Fulton Yard is the place of making for a number projects:

For Deadhead Mix flower deadheads were processed into dyes. A series of paintings were made by soaking circular paper in the floral dyes. This led onto another series of works, Caput Mortuum.

Grave Goods project – work in progress at Fulton Yard
Grave Goods –  memorial vases and black flowers.

Common Press – Using a type of brick called Commons as both press and plate.

Ice Hex was made for Pages from the Frozen Sea
Bucket in lieu of a water feature