Ice Hex

Ice Hex is a temporary frozen relief, a work that came from my Hexopolis project.

It started with Charter Square, but now this 1960s underpass development has gone, or rather broken and buried under the current redevelopment. I contacted the local Council to mention the cultural relevance of the site.┬áMy comments were noted and they let me have a small sample of site material. I have some – mostly broken – tiling from the underpass, and one of the original hexagonal paving slabs.

I have used the the saved paving slab as a cover over the old Victorain drains running through my garden (pic 1). It’s a small nod to the hexagon manhole drain covers seen hereabouts, and Sheffield’s huge Megatron drain also built in the 1860s.

I bought some moulds for casting hexagonal paving slabs, a bit of throwback to the 60s and 70s. I haven’t made my own paving slabs yet. For Sarah Stengle’s Pages from the Frozen Sea, instead of using concrete, I left some water in the moulds overnight to freeze (pic 2). The water molecules formed into ice sheets composed of unseen ice crystals, which have a microscopic hexagonal structure. Recursion of hexagonal ice crystals within hexagonal sheets (pic 3).