Self Reflection

I draw the self-portraits of other artists (Masaccio, Joseph Wright of Derby, Dana Schutz, Mary Beale, Hyacinthe Rigaudon, and others) and also myself. I draw the selves they present. I re-present their introspection. I observe, draw, reflect, alter, refine. My eyes flicker to my own reflection. As we look at self-portraits we reflect on ourselves.

Laura Cumming writes of the self-portrait trinity of image-object, private self, public face. The drawings are presented as triptychs, like the three different views of oneself in a dressing table mirror.

Self Reflection (Hyacinthe Rigaud, 1716 | Katya Robin, 2018 | Mary Beale, c.1665)
Self Reflection (Dana Schutz 2005 | Joseph Wright of Derby 1772-3| Masaccio,1425-8)

Other Portraits

drawing of Michael Grusseman (my great-grandfather). Drawn from Lovis Corinth’s Ecce Homo (1925), 2011 Corinth’s Ecco Homo was in the Degenerate Art exhibition (Entartete Kunst) at the Munich Hofgarten.
portrait of Bob Cobbing, concrete poet, painted from memory, oil, c.1986