Self Reflection


Self-Reflection project –    a series of pastel drawings of other artist’s self-portraits.

Self Reflection: drawing of Nan One Month after Being Battered, 1984 by Nan Goldin
Self Reflection: drawing of Self-Portrait with Model by Charlotte Berend-Corinth, 1931
Self Reflection Poussin 1650
Self Reflection: drawing of Portrait as a ‘Degenerate Artist’ 1937 by Oskar Kokoschka
Self Reflection (Dana Schutz 2005 | Joseph Wright of Derby 1772-3| Masaccio,1425-8)


Other Portraits

drawing of Michael Grusseman (my great-grandfather).  pastel on paper

Drawn from Lovis Corinth’s Ecce Homo (1925), 2011 Corinth’s Ecco Homo was in the Degenerate Art exhibition (Entartete Kunst) at the Munich Hofgarten.

portrait of Bob Cobbing, concrete poet, painted from memory, oil on board