Only Three

Only Three, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 80cm, 2019

This painting shows a server presenting a tray with three cakes. It is painted with three colours (cobalt, burnt sienna, lemon yellow). Plus white. Actually the painting is predominantly white offset by chromatic greys, and intense accents, all mixed from the three colours and white. White is typically used as an ostentatious display of hygiene and wealth. White linen for food display, pure white for service and clinical uniforms and areas.
The serving figure is represented with succinct gestural marks. Her face is the same grey as the background. Her role is to present the goods and to melt into the background.
The cakes are lined up precisely. They are painted as abstracted forms with hard-edged solid colour, as are the slanting light fittings.

Court Recorder, watercolour on paper, 38 x 48cm, 2019

This watercolour drawing is adapted from a generic stock photo. A Hispanic  woman is working at a computer.   She is shown as ancillary to the  computer screen which is the dominant element. The back of screen shown in oblique perspective.  The  Judge  and another male figure are  drawn as simplified shapes offset by the negative space of the reserved white  paper.

Court Recorder, acrylic on paper, 50x65cm, 2019

Imaged adapted from a generic stock photo of a an American Court.  A woman is working at a computer, the back of the screen is in oblique perspective. The Judge and another male figure are drawn as simplified shapes in blue. Painted in a limited palette, using strong graphic shapes.

detail of Court Recorder.
Receptionist. acrylic on canvas panel. 40 x 50cm 2019

The palette of greens and whites comes from the uniform & decor of the NHS centre.  For this body of work I’m using the ‘background’ theme colour for the skin of the service staff.