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Artist Statement

I am a painter and draughtsman. My work is notable for its unusual combination of conceptual  and gestural methods. Influences include Kitchen Sink painting and ambiguous Neo Geo. I use  drawing-as-painting with strong  succinct gestures, offset by restraint, negative space, and abstracted shapes.

The ‘Clean’  and ‘Service’ sets show service staff and cleaners: ubiquitous yet unseen. I do covert sketching in hospital waiting rooms and from promotional photos. I use a limited palette reflecting institutional decor and staff uniforms.  I actively omit naturalistic flesh colours, portraying the people as literally part of the background.  

While ostensibly showing cleaners, this is also self-reflective. The cleaner is shown as an archetype and as a stand-in for the painter.  Both deal with marks. My brushstrokes echo the cleaning actions of swiping and scrubbing:  a floor mop is a huge brush!

‘Only Three’ shows a server presenting a tray with three cakes. It is painted with three colours (cobalt, burnt sienna, lemon yellow). Plus white. Actually the painting is predominantly white offset by chromatic greys, and intense accents, all mixed from the three colours and white. White is typically used as an ostentatious display of hygiene and wealth. White linen for food display, pure white for service and clinical uniforms and areas.

For my ‘Self Reflection’ project I draw the self-portraits of other artists of all periods. I draw the selves they present. But as we look at self-portraits we reflect on ourselves. Thus through drawing others’ self-portraits I also draw myself and seek my place.

My artist’s books are held in collections in the UK, EU and USA.   I am now resuming my main practice as a painter and draftsman supported by an Arts Council England DYCP award. I am taking the Turps Banana Correspondence Course  2018-19 to reinvigorate my painting practice through online mentoring. I have been awarded an a-n professional development Artist Bursary.

Turps Banana Correspondence Course 2018-19
MA Fine Art (Distinction), Sheffield Hallam University 2014
BA (Hons) Painting, St Martin’s School of Art 1986

Selected Exhibitions 
MICRO, Air Gallery, Altrincham
Prosaic – painting survey, curated by Sean Williams & Bryan Eccleshall. Coterie Gallery, Rotherham 
Art of Caring, St George’s Hospital, London
Self Actualisation, 2 person show with Lou Hazelwood, Bridlington Contemporary
Loss & Lucidity, curated by Diana Ali,  Santa Ana, California
Kippenberger Challenge (7.45 Books),  touring: Jan van Eyck Academie Maastricht; Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten Library, de Appel Library & Archive, Amsterdam
Shoddy, Leeds, & Batley
COIN/ICON Penny Exchange, Museums Sheffield
Midlands Open, Tarpey Gallery, Derby
Unity, Yorkshire Arts Space
The Floating Library, Minnesota, Los Angeles
Library Interventions: Sharon Kivland, Leeds Art College Library, Chelsea School of Art Library, London
Hexopolis, Pages Exhibition, Tetley, Leeds
The Editions I & II, Pages Exhibition, The  Tetley, Leeds
Kaleid2015, Printmaking in the expanded field, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo  
The Reality of Small Differences, Leeds
Engagement and Entrapment, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv
Fabricate, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield 
Library Interventions: Sharon Kivland, Leeds College of Art & Design
The Imaginary Museum, Pages, The Tetley, Leeds
Living Numbers, Fringe Arts Bath
Klub Kube, LoBe, Berlin
Art: Language: Location, Cambridge
ArtLacuna Prize, London
Out of Context, Bank St Art, Sheffield
Contemporary Construction 1, CADS, Sheffield

Artist Book Collections
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Thomas J Watson Library, USA
Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, USA
Yale Centre for British Art, USA
Lafayette College, USA
Swarthmore College, USA
The Floating Library, USA
Oxford Brookes University Library
The Tetley, Leeds
TATE Library, Special Collections
Chelsea College of Art, Special Collections
Leeds College of Art, Special Collection
Centre de livres d’artiste (CdLA), France
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris

a-n Bursary, 2019
DYCP Arts Council England, 2018
Arts Council England, 2016
Kaleid2015, Artist’s Books Representation
ArtLacuna Prize Shortlist, 2013

Axisweb selections
Five2Watch: Painting
Five2watch: Watercolour
Five2Watch: Construction
Five2Watch: Natural Environment