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I draw directly from daily life,  sketching people, cleaners, roofers, skips on the street, parks, and cemeteries. I find ordinary people and ordinary stuff  profound and poignant when I observe and draw them. My technique is gestural and instinctual. I use materials and processes that relate to the subject and the content. The reportage I do connects the work, the worker and the work that I do.

Katya went to St Martin’s School of Art, Sheffield Hallam and Turps  Correspondence Course, and was selected for the Drawing Correspondence  Program. 


February 2022
It was a pleasure to present at Drawing Lockdown Symposium 1  convened by Drawing Projects UK & Drawing is Free, inspired by TBWDP21.

December 2021
The Body I am In an online publication  of drawings and writing by the 12 artists on the Drawing Correspondence  Program, with an introduction by Chloe Briggs, Tania Kovats and Anita Taylor.