I do paintings and drawings of cleaners and cleaning using austerity as a methodology.  The motifs are derived from covert sketching in hospitals and developed from promotional photos. I use  succinct gestural marks  and limited palettes drawn from institutional decor and staff uniforms. I actively omit naturalistic flesh colours, portraying the people as literally part of the background.

The works are part social observation but also an allegory of painting and drawing (i.e. making marks).   The brushstrokes echo the cleaning actions of swiping and scrubbing. The cleaner is shown as an archetype and as a stand-in for the artist.

I have a Painting B.A. from St Martin’s School of Art, and a Fine Art M.A. (distinction) from Sheffield Hallam. My artist’s books hare held in collections in the UK, EU and USA. I am reinvigorating  my main practice as a painter with  online mentoring  from Turps Art School Correspondence Course. My practice is supported by an DYCP awardArts Council England, a-n Professional Development Bursary and YVAN MicroGrant.

drawing by Katya Robin
Salt Urn. ink drawing on brown craft paper, A3, 2017