Skip Surveillance a collection of 16 watercolour and graphite sketches of the refuse skip and traffic cones in the parking bay opposite my house. The care home over the road hires skips when residents’ rooms are cleared out. I have an overview of the parking bay and into their skips.  I made daily sketches of the giant yellow bin, recognising it from a previous uses at the same location, and its particular scrapes and dents, and interior  stained with spilt plaster. The skip lay empty for several days before the resident’s personal effects were dumped and left exposed to all passersby to see and  pick at.
Pages from my dismantled sketchbook are reassembled on cardboard with bulldog clips like a noticeboard, arranged side-by-side in a 4-by-4 format, as if a time-lapse of surveillance cameras or Instagram grid.
Skip Moored in Parking Bay, mixed media on paper, 56cm high x 90 cm wide, includes bulldog clips on the edge as part of the work.
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